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Not an end: a new beginning!

The team: from left to right Valia Ahchieva, Georgi Gotev, Krassen Nikolov. Next to them are top guns Zoran Radosavljevic, Alexandra Brzozowski, Beatriz Rios, Jorge Valero and Sarantis Michalopoulos.

By Georgi Gotev

This great project, #Gimme5EU, ends for me today (1 October). It was about the European elections, with an angle on Bulgaria. Yesterday’s successful audition of Mariya Gabriel ends the cycle.

It was one of the pleasures of my life to work with my colleague bloggers Aline Robert, Emanuele Bonini, Piotr Kaczynski, Ioan Bucuras and Dan Alexe. We have published together more than 500 articles. We have built readership across the EU, and the world.

Maybe some of my colleagues will continue with their blogs, in any case Piotr tells me he would like to continue.

As far as I’m concerned, a few days ago I have started in Sofia my new project: EURACTIV Bulgaria ( It’s in Bulgarian language, and I have a new role: publisher. We build on’s coverage, expertise, business model, and of course, we are part of its great network. And we built on the legacy of – the journalistic team stays the same. You don’t change a winning team. The managing editor is Krassen Nikolov, and the iron lady of investigative journalism Valia Ahchieva is on board!

I thank my colleagues from Zoran Radosavljevic, Alexandra Brzozowski, Beatriz Rios, Jorge Valero, Sarantis Michalopoulos and Benjamin Fox for coming to Sofia to support us – and to showcase that EURACTIV is indeed the media network for Europe. I thank the Bulgarian Vice President Iliana Iotova for honouring us with her presence, and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker for sending us a video message of congratulations.

It’s a big challenge for Please support us by spreading the news!

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