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Press release: Our blogging project gave birth to EUnewsBelgium!

Five months and a half ago we launched the five blogs covering the EU elections in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Italy and France. We have published a total of 334 articles to this hour, days (hours) ahead of the European elections! We have been invited to speak about our project to students and journalistic associations. Concrete result of the interest we have sparked is the birth on 8 April of the blog EUnews Lithuania, which is run by Angele Kediatiene, in association to our project. And the next was the launch on Europe Day, 9 May of the blog EUnewsPortugal, run by Teresa Dominguez.

Today we launch EUnewsBelgium, run by Tijs de Geyndt, 31 year Belgian old living “in brainteasing Brussels, a city that’s often fatiguing and rewarding at the same time”. We quote him: “Understanding politics, its dynamics and the impact on daily life is something that intrigues me for as long as I can remember.”

A round of applause for Tijs and EUnewsBelgium! And don’t forget to subscribe: it’s free!

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