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Russian meddling anticipated in Bulgarian elections

Tzvetan Tzvetanov, number 2 in Boyko Borissov’s GERB party, said on Sunday (10 February) he was “convinced” that Russia will meddle in this year’s elections in Bulgaria. In May Bulgarians will vote in European elections,…

Want to escape from arrest? Run for EU elections!

Eugenia Baneva is an illustrious Bulgarian business lady who was arrested in August last year at the airport in Nice at the request of the authorities in Sofia. Four months later, Baneva was transferred to…

Esoteric Bulgaria

Yesterday I wrote that Bulgarians tend to believe in miracle-makers. But I didn’t say why. Actually Bulgaria is the land of esotericism. Any attempt to explain Bulgarian politics needs a reference to the national mysticism….

Corruption in Bulgaria’s triangle of power

The campaign for the European elections in Bulgaria entered a hot phase. Krassen Nikolov tells the story. Two weeks ago, Elena Yoncheva, a key figure of the opposition BSP, was charged by the prosecution for…


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